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2018 Lake Amador Fishing Map and Fishing report, Amador Hunting Public,Clubs, and Ranches

 Fishing Map for Lake Amador, Fishing Report and Local Hunting Clubs, Hunting Ranches

Lake Amador Fishing Report

 Lake Amador is nice and approaching full . Trout of up to 6 pounds are biting on Power Bait or a marshmallow-nightcrawler combination. Most anglers work their way from the marina across the dam to the spillway while others use a boat and run up a creek arm, drifting down with bait bouncing bottom. 

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    Lake Amador


    Lake Amador is a reservoir located in Amador County. The lake's water is created by the Jackson Creek Dam, constructed in 1965 across Jackson Creek. The dam is 1,140 feet long.
    Surface elevation: 325
    Outlet: Jackson Creek

 Fishing Map of Lake Amador



k> fishing map and report Lake Amador, BEST BAIT, WHAT TO USE

About Lake Amador

Small (400 acres, 13 miles of shoreline) Lake Amador  reservoir is known to host NorCals’ largest bass, and not to mention multitude of  trout, black crappie, channel catfish.  Big bass to 15 pounds are taken every year. There is reasonable day use fee to use this lake, but the operators also raise and purchase fish for this lake.
Our fishing report concludes April  and even better is May  as the lunkers start spawning as they move  up to the shallows  and move into the  coves. Lake Amador is known for producing trophy-class Florida strain largemouth  bass.
After the Lake’s temperature increases,  look at our fishing map to see where Jackson creek enters the lake because  bass, trout, catfish and panfish tend to school up  channel’s cooler water and higher levels of nutrients
As our fishing map shows, Mountain Spring, Rock Creek, Jackson Creek and Carson Creek are all good bass-producing coves, but some are  than the others at certain times of year 7-inch Green also with chartreuse and white  spinner baits, crankbaits, worms and grubs. Basically fish wherever you see  structure,
When the lake warms up — it reaches up to 80 degrees in  the summer — our fish report says that the fish head  to Jackson Creek to seek cooler  water.
This is a good area to use worms deep, near  the bottom just about  all summer long. Meanwhile,  use  spinner-  baits, Poe’s Plugs and Green Weenies with an orange tail along the shore.
 ‘Crawlers are always a good bait  with a sliding lead weights.   

 How to fish for Lake Amador's Trout, Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill

Lake Amador is one of the foothills’ top trout spots, for up to  5 pound  rainbows . Trollers with flashers and night crawlers  is the preferred method.
Some of the trout are grown  in rearing ponds right behind the lake, others are purchased  and some are released by the Department of Fish and Game, around 50,000 pounds per year in total. 
For good crappie fishing,  the top baits are live minnows and anglers can buy  minnows in the  store.  White  and red Mini-Jigs will also land crappie in the coves and  wherever you can find snags of brush.  Move your jig right off the bottom.  Normally, when it  drops, that‘s when they strike.
Channel catfish to 20 pounds can be caught in the mornings and late evenings or at night, using  nightcrawlers, minnows, chicken  livers, sardines and clams, The best catfishing along  the  face of the dam and in coves along the  shoreline, according to our fishing reports.  You should  leave the bail on your reel open  and let the fish go for 10 feet before setting the hook.
Red ear sunfish they follow about the same  patterns of feeding as do the bluegill.  You’ll probably pick up some of the  sunfish when you’re fishing for bluegill.   After the crappie have had their  peak, the bluegill get best in June and  July. They bite redworms and mealworms. Bluegill fishing is a blast for your  kids.   

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